It is common question that I had been asked so many times to list the PPC mistakes; that I encountered during analyzing the running PPC campaign. Being a ppc expert; I had noticed some common mistakes. Here I am describing the Top 5 PPC mistakes:


#1: Using Board match
I have noticed that most of the campaigns were running with board match; i.e not correct. I am not saying that this is wrong but setting the board match for the keywords is not always a perfect approach. As the setting up board match may cause irrelevant traffic and wasted money. So, it is advised to use proper keyword match type that deliver result.
# 2: Not using Negative keywords
I noticed that most of the campaign is not using any negative keywords. This may also result in wasted money. It is advised that analyze the search query report on regular basis and add the terms as negative keywords; that are not related to your business.
#3: Incorrect location settings
This one is biggest mistakes that I encountered many times. Setting up incorrect audiences may cause the campaign failure. Think very carefully while setting up the location.
#4: Using accelerated ad delivery
This point is controversial that what type of ad delivery method I should choose? Standard or accelerated. Setting-up accelerated ad delivery may spend your budget more quickly and your campaign may be paused once budget is exhausted. You may lose traffic as well valuable customers. Think carefully while selecting ad delivery method.
#5: wrong automated rules
It is advised to create automated rules with special care. As wrong automated rules may cause in wasted money and traffic.
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