Managing pay-per-click services is a cumbersome effort as it needs a full-proof strategy and a various sort of professional observations. But, it has great capability to market your business products and services globally. Normally, it is noticed that various business owners having a full-fledged website take this activity lightly and lose the golden opportunity to market their business in no time.


But, as a business owner, you should hire the PPC management company India and set-up a powerful PPC campaign and increase your brand awareness globally. PPC professionals in India has industry expertise knowledge and can provide you sure-fire PPC services at affordable costs. They are well acquainted with every tool, technique and powerful extension to provide you award-winning PPC campaign services. Here are some incredible benefits of hiring reputed PPC services in India:

  • Set-up your campaign effectively: Experience matters. They have good skills and geared with every nuts and bolt to create solid PPC campaign as well as help you select the most competitive keywords for your campaign. A professionally developed PPC ads help you target the most qualified audience groups.
  • Execute your PPC campaign Effectively: Launching a full-fledged PPC campaign is pivotal to meet your business dream into reality. PPC professionals can execute your business campaign competitively in the sales generating marketplace. They put their dedicated efforts and ultimately your business ads will get immense popularity on the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and target your prospective audience.
  • Professional Monitoring of the Business Campaign: PPC experts keep their eyes on the performance of your campaign. Apart from that, they will review the progress report of your campaign frequently and put their technical and innovative skills to provide the best return on your investment.

Summing up: When it comes to create and execute fool-proof PPC campaign, then PPC Management Company in India will provide you cut throat services. The services offered by them helpful for a target audience to reach your site easily and enhance your business visibility over the huge world of the internet. So, if you are looking for a sure-fire and result oriented PPC management services, then you must connect with the reputed PPC management company India and increase your business ROI exponentially.

Amazon is one the largest marketplace in the world and everyone wants to list their products over Amazon. As per study, it has been observed that people start searching products over Amazon more often than Google. So, we are going to discuss the points that need to take care while optimizing and promoting the products over Amazon.


  1. Analyzing the competitor products
    In general, it is always advisable to do analysis before doing any things. In same way, you need to analyze the competitor store and products and look for the scope of improvements or what you can offer apart from your competitors. You must go through their client reviews, feedback or Questions & Answer. Apart from the same, analyze their products and check for the update frequency. When they are updating products? Offers if any? Image update? Etc. In short, these points will help you to analyze the competitor store/products.
  2. Optimize your product listings
    Product listings optimization is another one important parts over Amazon. Think minutely over Title, Description, Bullets, pictures etc.

    • Title: Title should be unique and clearly describing the products.
    • Description: Description of the products. Repeat key selling points.
    • Bullets Points: Describe key points here for the products.
    • Picture: Picture of the products should be clear and high resolutions. Picture should not be distracted while zooming in/out.
  3. Reviews
    Yes, Reviews are king over Amazon. So, it is advisable to encourage your clients to leave feedback/reviews for your products. You should focus to get reviews from your clients.

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Amazon is the largest product search engine in the world and selling a huge amount of products online. Every merchant wants to sell their products over Amazon. But it is not easy to sell your products over Amazon; just by adding/submitting the same over Amazon. We are discussing here the best practices to increase product search visibility over Amazon.


  1. Populate as many relevant terms as possible:
    It is suggested to populate the possible search terms for your products; if you want to increase the visibility of the products. The basic idea behind this tactics is approach is that Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products. Search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Amazon.
  2. Product Optimization:
    Product optimization is one of the most valuable parts of product listing optimization. It directly affects the search performance of the product. A successful product title should include brand, product line, type, size, color etc. We must place the most relevant keywords first.
  3. Products Description:
    Description should be written well described and must include all information about your brand and product. It has been observed that most of the store owner writes the description in bullets format. It is not suggested. It is better to be descriptive. Apart from the same, mention call the action words like buy now, order today within the description. This will encourage visitors to purchase the products.

To get better visibility of your products over Amazon, you should take the support of professionals who having experience in optimizing the store as well as products over Amazon. They can optimize your store and promote perfectly in order to drive potential clicks to your store. If you are looking for Amazon optimization services for your store in India, contact HitsValue today to get maximum benefits.

Google Shopping campaign provides amazing facility to promote your eCommerce products in order to drive maximum traffic to your site. In this way, you can make sure that you are getting potential leads. We will discuss here the top reasons to consider the shopping campaign. Let’s start with the first step i.e, Google Merchant Account set-up.


To launch your Google shopping campaign, you need to set-up Google merchant account and upload the feed file here. At this stage, you need to test the feed file comprehensively in order to make sure it works fine. Thereafter, you need to link your Google merchant account with AdWords to get the best output from your Shopping campaign. Let’s understand the benefits of Google shopping campaign to promote eCommerce products:

  1. Strong sense for the product: As you know, shopping ads are different from Text ads as shopping ads include product title, product description, image, review, price etc. So, this will give strong sense to users before clicking on the ads.
  2. Higher CTR: It has been observed that shopping campaign receives more impression and clicks in compared to text ads.
  3. Qualified Leads: Merchant can promote the product perfectly by including additional information of the products like the review, rating, benefits, etc. to get more qualified leads.
  4. Broader Presence: Shopping ads and text ads can appear at the same time. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.

Conclusion: To promote your eCommerce products globally, you should take the professional support of PPC company India. They can promote your business adequately and drive only potential leads to your store. If you are looking forward to run your business campaign, then you should select the professional PPC company in India to reap the maximum benefits from your campaign.

One of the most important elements of PPC ad campaign is landing page. The landing page should be relevant associated with the paid campaign. The main reason to have relevant landing page as this one is the first point of contact with your brand, services etc. So, it is recommended to have impressive landing page that delivers great experience.

There are so many ways to create or optimize both your landing page experience and PPC ads by making them more relevant to each other. Here are some of the practices to get you started.


Keep ad copy text straight forward with your ad and landing page

The landing page should have proper message & information regarding your ad text. All the required information should available over the landing page. It has been observed that relevant landing page receives more CTR as un-relevant landing page may cause high bounce rate.

It is also advisable to use call to action as well over the landing page. Call to action terms like buy now, contact us now, sign-up newsletter, try it now and so on.

Use original and engaging content over each landing pages

It is recommended to implement unique and relevant content over each and every landing pages. It has been observed that visitors don’t like to view the similar content over every page and returned back from the website without doing any action. Content should be used is such manner that it must engage visitors. To engage visitors content should be used in friendly tone. Use bullets, numbers and images over the website to get more engagement.

Use trust signals

Trust signals are always found on some of the most effective landing pages. It is always recommended to incorporate trust signals on both your PPC ads and landing page.

It is advisable to add contact information over the landing pages. As hiding contact information from potential customers can come off as untrustworthy. Apart from the contact information, reviews, ratings, testimonials from previous or existing customers should also include over the landing page in order to get visitor trust.

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Google is going to add new extension within Adwords i.e. Message Extension. Currently, you were using extension like site links, review, location, call and many more within campaign to facilitate extra information about your business and services.


The main aim to add click to message ads in AdWords is to bring the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging to search ads. By setting up a message extension, user can communicate with you in an easy way as per user convenient time.

How Click-to-message ads will work?

By clicking the message/text options opens a user’s SMS app with a pre-written message bespoke to product or service they are looking for. For reference, if you are hospitality advertiser and looking for hotel in your defined demographically location, he can send you text message or edit your tailored message. I am traveling to New york and looking for rooms.

Benefits of using Click-to-message ads:

  • Easy to set-up
  • Improved mobile conversion rate
  • Easy way to communicate with customers
  • Engage with your business in comfortable and efficient way

If you are running a campaign over Google Adwords and eager to know that how to enable or set-up click-to-message ads? You can consider our pay per click advertising services in India.

Ecommerce websites are being designed and developed frequently these days. eCommerce websites should be optimized very well in order to get result from online world. eCommerce websites optimization is different than optimizing the normal website/ online blog/magazine etc. So, it is recommended investing in SEO before, after, during the website development.
Here we are discussing about the most common SEO pitfalls for the eCommerce website that may distract the performance.

Ecommerce Website

1. Product description text

Many websites use the text directly as provided by the manufacturer. This one is not good idea. As the manufacturer share this content to many business owners to publish their product. You need to modify the content that looks like unique and fresh. This will make you different from others. This unique content will help you in SEO performance.

2. Finding 404 errors and fix errors

It is important to quickly find out all 404 errors for your eCommerce website and try to get them fix at earliest to have successful online store. you can use seo tools to find out SEO errors. Alternatively, you can set-up account over GWT (Google Webmaster account) and check for errors.

You should look for following errors and get them fixed.

  • 404 /Broken links
  • Duplicate Title, description tags.
  • 302 redirections

3. Avoiding keyword research

Avoid keyword research will cost much as you will never achieve the desired objective. It is important to research keywords for your ecommerce store and get them optimized in form of title, description, heading tag, website content for better result.

Consult with technical SEO from beginning

You should consultant seo professional from start to have successful online store. You can hire experienced seo technical person at SEO Company India to get your website optimized.

It is common question that I had been asked so many times to list the PPC mistakes; that I encountered during analyzing the running PPC campaign. Being a ppc expert; I had noticed some common mistakes. Here I am describing the Top 5 PPC mistakes:


#1: Using Board match
I have noticed that most of the campaigns were running with board match; i.e not correct. I am not saying that this is wrong but setting the board match for the keywords is not always a perfect approach. As the setting up board match may cause irrelevant traffic and wasted money. So, it is advised to use proper keyword match type that deliver result.
# 2: Not using Negative keywords
I noticed that most of the campaign is not using any negative keywords. This may also result in wasted money. It is advised that analyze the search query report on regular basis and add the terms as negative keywords; that are not related to your business.
#3: Incorrect location settings
This one is biggest mistakes that I encountered many times. Setting up incorrect audiences may cause the campaign failure. Think very carefully while setting up the location.
#4: Using accelerated ad delivery
This point is controversial that what type of ad delivery method I should choose? Standard or accelerated. Setting-up accelerated ad delivery may spend your budget more quickly and your campaign may be paused once budget is exhausted. You may lose traffic as well valuable customers. Think carefully while selecting ad delivery method.
#5: wrong automated rules
It is advised to create automated rules with special care. As wrong automated rules may cause in wasted money and traffic.
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It has been observed that people gossip that my ppc campaign was not performing well and hence it was failure at my end. You can waste money a lot in case you are not professionals and having sound knowledge of PPC marketing. So, I am sharing my experience that might be reason for the campaign failure. These are:


1. It might be Goals had not been defined.
Goal should be defined within campaign as this will show you some data. You can analyze these data in order to examine the effectiveness of the account. In case, if you haven’t set the goal, you are doing something wrong.

2. Might be not using correct match types
If you are not using the modifiers like +, “”, [], then there might be an issue. You should analyze the performance of the keywords and must use keyword modifiers like broad match, modified broad match, phrase match and exact wherever required.

3. Bidding on wrong keywords
It is recommended that keywords should be extracted carefully, as bidding on wrong keywords may distract your account thus account objective. You will also loose money when bidding on wrong keywords.

4. Landing page relevancy
It is always suggested to use relevant landing page for the campaign as using irrelevant landing page for the campaign; visitor may bounce back to other website and hence resulting loss of money. Using proper landing page will help in improved quality score as well as CTR.

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Facebook is a well known social media website, having a large number of user database and uncountable visits. It offers a unique opportunity for marketers to promote their business on the Facebook. Here, we are discussing about the Facebook Ads. Pay Per Click Advertising Services India has competitive knowledge of the paid advertising and its implementation.


Lets Start, Facebook ads can be broken into three elements:
1. Campaign over Facebook
2. Ad Sets
3. Ads

How to select appropriate Editor?

Facebook offers two types of editors; one is Ad Manager, and other one is Power Editor. Ad Manager best suits for the advertising companies whereas, Power editor is recommended for the large advertisers; those managing large number of campaigns or a variety of campaigns.

Choosing an Objective: Objective is an initial element for any sorts of campaign. Without selecting the proper objective, you can’t create a successful campaign; as it will fail. So, the Facebook Ads Manager is designed to cover all types of objective; that may fulfill your business need and requirements. You must select the most suitable objective for your campaign.

Followings are the list of objectives; you can choose for your campaign:

  • Send People to your website
  • Increase Conversions on your website
  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your page
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase Engagement in your app
  • Reach People near your business
  • Raise Attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get video view

Audience Targeting: As you have selected the objective of the campaign; now you need to select audience. There are several targeting options available over Facebook and you need to select the best option that suits your business need and requirements. Targeting options over Facebook is covering all the options that you may looking for. For example: Location, Age, Gender, Life events, Parents, Work, Home, Interests etc.

Budget: Yes, this is one of the most important elements of the campaign. Budget is the amount that you want to spend on advertising. Facebook offers two types of budget. 1. Daily budget 2. Lifetime budget.

Daily Budget: If you want to run your campaign throughout the day; you can opt this option. Daily budget must be at-least 2 times multiplied by your CPC.

Lifetime Budget: This option is selected in case if you are looking to run your ad for a specified length of time.

We will cover the Ad Creation in the next topic in coming weeks. Please keep visiting the blog section of the website on a regular basis.