It’s a general behavior of human being I.e spend less and get more! We have helped our clients to increase leads through ppc and decreased their cost per acquisition(CPA). We have listed some of the best practices herewith for your knowledge.

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1. Removing the Keywords that are under-performance
Keywords should analyzed with special care and remove the keywords that are nor performing well. As keywords within campaign are not performing actively; not converting visitors into customers. You can also extract fresh keywords that can improve the opportunity of the campaign.

2. Re-constructing Campaign
Based upon the performance of the campaign, we can organize the keywords into Ad Group or specific Ad Groups. By this approach, we can target the keywords in more effective way and gain maximum benefits. This will also helps to get improved quality score and lower CPC.

3. Adding Negative Keywords
It is recommend to add negative keywords in the campaign to avoid unwanted impression and clicks for the useless search query term. It is advisable to run search query term report in a month and analyze the report; check for the useless term that are nor related to your business. Try to add that terms(keywords) in negative keywords list.

4. Landing Page
Yes, this one most important and advisable to use related/closely related landing page in the ad text. This one helps to increased quality score. It will also helps to improved ROI as visitor looking for the information will find your page and will bounce back in case landing page is not relevant.

5. Setting-up Re-marketing campaign
You can also target your past clients, visitors using re-marketing. It is also one of the most campaign when you are targeting you old/past clients, visitors, visits with half conversion etc. re-marketing campaign’s clicks are comparative cheaper.

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Let’s start with beginning. When you put search query into Google, you have noticed some ads with more information that others. This displays due to Adwords Extensions. Basically, Ad Extensions gives you more ability or you can say more space to add more information about your ads. In this way, you can extend the length of your ads.


Top reasons to use Ads Extension in Ads

1. Improved CTR (Click Through Rate)
You can improve the CTR of your campaign by implementing Ad Extension as the same provide additional information to user/searcher; which will directly impact your CTR.
2. Better Visibility
Implementing Ads Extension can present your ads better as others. You can use review extension, sitelinks extensions, offer extensions, call extensions location extension to make your campaign ad attractive and compelling to others.
3. Relevant information to searchers
By implementing extensions such as review extension, site links extensions, offer extensions, location extension etc, you can provide right information at right time to searchers.
4. More Clicks
It has been observed that ad with extension receive more clicks than ads without extension.
5. No extra cost
Enabling the ad extension within ads is free of cost. No extra charge is required.

What are available Ads Extensions?
1. Call Extension
2. Sitelinks Extensions
3. Structured snippets
4. Callout Extensions
5. Location Extensions

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Paid marketing is one of the best way to earn huge mass of traffic on your site instantly, while Ad Tex is the finest element of paid marketing. Most familiar search engines like Google, Bing and more impressively supports text ads. So, it is grandeur to develop compelling Ad text for your next campaign.


Here is the list of some key elements of the successful Ad text:

1. Introduce the services/product/offers efficaciously: It is really good to introduce the services/products/offers within ad text. The main reason is that the better demonstration of services, products and offers will make your services exceptional from others and will lead into an improved number of impression and clicks.

2. Include Keywords: Implementing the keywords within the Ad text is one of the best practices. Also, keywords within Ad text will help you to earn a better Ads ranking as well as get more clicks on your ads. Keywords in your ad text show your ad’s relevance to what people want.

3. Role of Calls to action: Call to action is considered to be the best practices in order to get more clicks. Implementing CTA (call to action) empowers visitors to take action quickly. Words like, call now, get a quote, buy now etc. are called call to action words.

4. Use prices, promotions, and exclusive: It has been observed that people do searches on Google to make a decision. So, it is recommended to include the prices, promotions, etc. within your ad text.

5. Relevant landing page: It is quite imperative your ad text, landing page should be relevant as per your ad text. It is observed that irrelevant landing page having high bounce rate with less conversion; as the people leave your page immediately if the information is insufficient on the landing page.

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Google has recently launched the Customer Match for Shopping ads to re-engage your existing customers and website visitors. This new business driven feature “Customer Match for Shopping” is a sure fire strategy to centering campaigns on your highest-value audiences based upon previous selling records, rewards points collected, and micro conversion like newsletter subscribers.
Customer Match for Shopping
How Customer Match for Shopping ads Works?
Customer Match for Shopping allows you to upload a list of email addresses, that is matched to signed-in users on Google in a secure and fastest way. Using this latest option, you can increase the visibility of your brand, services and products to highest valuable customers. Customer Match for Shopping ads is also allows you to manage and adjust bids across various segments of your known high-value customers. In order to start Customer Match for Shopping, you need to upload the list of email addresses of your customers, that can be securely and privately matched to signed-in users on Google.

Functionality of Customer Match for Shopping ads

Once you have uploaded the email addresses of your current and previous customers into your ad-words account, the same is matched to those visitors and customers who signed-in Google with the same email address.

Benefits of Customer Match for Shopping ads
Using Customer Match for Shopping ads; you can re-engage your loyal customers.This will offer the capability to create a re-marketing list to reach customers across your campaigns.

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Business having local store or physical address for delivering products getting good response, and earn positive impression in the eyes of shopping lovers. So, if you are planning to run a paid campaign for your business or want to make your running campaign more effective; following are the points needed to take care in order to achieve desired results:

1.Target location: Campaign target location should be finalized with defined radius. This exercise will help you to sort out the real organic traffic and boost your business ROI vigorously.

2. Targeted Keywords: Keyword selection is not a cup of tea. It is highly recommended to select your business keywords after the extensive analysis of your business product and services. Your business keyword must be specific and unique as per your business needs.

3. Add negative keywords: Using negative keywords in an online campaign may receive a useless impression and clicks. So, adding negative keywords in your online campaign is beneficial because it can save your valuable money.

4. Introduce Ad scheduling: Ad scheduling is an important part of the successful campaign especially for local businesses. It ensures your online campaign is visible in the huge mass as per local timing. This will also introduce more ROI for your business.

5. Call Extension: If you want to receive phone call directly, then you must need to include call extension within your campaign. Also, adjust the ad scheduling as per your business hours.

6. Ad groups: Keep similar and effective business target words within one ad group that ensures maximum exposure for the keywords.

7. More than one ad copy: Developing more than one ad copy within a group is a brilliant idea as this will help you to examine the performance of the ad copy.

8. Include keyword in ad headline: It is always good to include the keywords within your campaign headline or in the description section. It ensures additional exposure, once the user query matches with your keywords and triggers ad copy.

9. Call to Action: Implementing call to action is fruitful as it empowers customers to take action instantly. Calls to action includes purchase, call today, order, browse, sign up, or get a quote.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign needs to be analyzed on regular basis and optimize the campaign in order to improve the performance. We are discussing here about the ways to optimize the PPC campaign. These are:

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1. Best account structure

The account structure is the basic and most important part of the ppc campaign. Account structure should analyze based upon following points:

  • Keywords in the ad group
  • Ads in the adgroup
  • Revevancy of keywords and the ads

You should modify the campaign structure in case required.

2. Take care high performing keywords
Keywords that performing good should be analyzed minutely. How do you know if a keyword is high performing? Well, you can check the through following stats:

  • Exact CPC
  • Quality Score
  • Landing Page
  • Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Keyword match type
  • Impression
  • Conversion

3. Negative Keyword
The most effective way to recognize negatives is of course by looking at what people are actually searching into Google to make your ads appear. It is also important make sure negatives are not blocking terms that could be beneficial to your account.

4. Poor performing keywords
Analyze the poor performing keywords and pause those keywords. The common conditions are:

  • The keyword bids are not high enough
  • The keyword has low search volume
  • Match type is either board or restrictive

5. Optimize Ads copy and write attractive Ads copy
If you are not optimizing the keywords on regular basis then it is problem! You should regularly testing and tweaking ad copy in order to improve PPC performance. You should also consider writing attractive ad copy for campaign if required.

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Google Shopping campaings or Product Listing Ads (PLA) are most important for ecommerce website or retailer. You can promote your online inventory using Google Shopping to boost quality traffic to your website or store. This results into quality leads.

Google shopping campaign management services
How to get started Google Shopping campaign?

First of all, you will have to create account over Google merchant and upload your product (feed) file. After that link the Google merchant account with Google adwords. In the mean time, verify the feed file status. Fix the errors if any. At last, create Google Shopping campaign over Google Adwords.

Where Google Shopping ads appear?

  • Google Shopping (in select countries)
  • Google Search, next to search results and separate from text ads
  • Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube and Image Search in some countries (if your campaign is set to include search partners)

What is the benefits of Google Shopping campaign?

Find the benefits of Google shopping campaign as below:

1. Increased Traffic: It has been observed that Google shopping campaign receives more clicks in comparision with text ads. This results into hight clickthrough rate(CTR).
2. Mature leads: You can improve the quality of leads by using product detailed information directly in ads. This helps shoppers to take informed purchase decisions.
3. Maximum Presence: It may be possible that Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time, if relevant. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.
4. Powerful Reporting: You can generate report to have detailed information for your running campaign.

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PPC Management is one of the important aspect for paid search campaign success. You have to spend time to manage PPC account. This means does not, it is a process of time consuming. Although, you should identify the areas where efforts are required to achieve the desired ROI.

Here, we have listed some important process to make PPC campaign easier and more effective for your business:

ppc management services

Focus to Improve Your Paid Search Flow

You should focus on each point of PPC accounts in details. You can divide paid search best practices into four main category that are mentioned below:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword grouping
  • Ad text
  • Landing pages

Keyword Research: It is first practice to be success for any paid advertising. You should research keywords carefully with relevancy of business. Try to select high traffic keywords which users use to find your adds. You can research keyword by free keyword tool, Keyword Planner.

Keyword Grouping: Keyword grouping is also important for advertisers for their paid search campaign. You should add relevant and high traffic keywords for each ad group. You should add few keywords in initial phase to know their quality and benefits for your paid advertising.

Ad Text: Writing ad text is an art of advertisers to get more click for their ads. You should use one or two keywords in your ad to get high CTR for your target keywords.

Landing pages: It is very important points for advertiser to get more conversion. You should keep your landing page relevant of your ads. Landing page speed should be so fast so that user do not leave your pages. Design of the page should more attractive to get more attention for your ads.

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Google Adwords is one of the most important advertising channel for any business. So, Google adwords campaing needs to monitor, analyze and refine the ongoing campaign on regular basis to get best outcome. We have listed some of the important suggestion; describing the areas to improve the account quality and performance:

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1. Outstanding Text Ads
it’s always dificult to define your business in limited set of character. So, it is quite important to focus on main attributes (can include prices and promotios if any) of the products or services. Try to add performing keywords in Ads headline or text. The most important part is to use call to action words within Ads text.

2. Focus on keywords
Keywords are most important part of AdWords campaign and always focus on keywords. Keywords performace should be analyzed on regular basis and try to find our non-performing keywords and works harder on them. Choose the keywords wisely that are highly relevant keywords; helping in boosting up the quality scores, or modify the match type for keywords that aren’t helping you meet your advertising goals.

3. Target on improving Return on investment
Yes, return on investment(ROI) is the one of the vital part of campaign. ROI should be analyzed minutely and must take required action to improve the same. To improve ROI, focus on improving your conversion potential through attracting the right customers to your business. Use conversion tracking to measure the outcome. As mentioned above select highly relevant keywords and ad text.

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