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Top 5 critical places to add keywords in website

Keywords are important element to examine the performance of digital marketing effectiveness for any website. So, it is important to take care the keywords while optimizing the website as per SEO friendly. We have listed 5 critical places based upon the research done for best performing sites. These are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • URL
  • Heading Tag
  • Alt Tag

Lets read the same in detail as below:

Titles are important place to add the keywords as it is used to describe the topic of a webpage. Title is HTML element. Titles tags have a direct impact on search engine rankings. To make your clickable and good ranking, you should take care following:

1. Try to keep it below about 65 characters so it doesn’t get cut off on search engine results pages.
2. It is recommended to include one of your target keywords or phrases within Title tag.

I assume you are familiar with description tag as this one is well known meta description. This one comes below Title and URL. It is recommended to include keywords within description text as well to get better CTR and search engine rankings.

It has been observed that keywords in URLs also helps in search engine ranking. It’s a good idea to include keywords in your URL. Please note that landing page content is describing the page name (URL).

Heading Tag
It’s a good practice to include the keyword in Heading tag as visitors stay on the page if they find the term in heading; he has searched for it. SO, doing this can help you to get improved position in search engine rankings.

Image Alt Text & Titles
Alt stands for Alternate. Alt tag generally used for images. Adding the keywords in keywords is an ethical practices. An image’s alt text tells search engine crawlers what an image is about, which helps it be found in search. Doing this can help you to get improved search engine rankings.

Best Practices:
alt=”Keyword” like ppc company India

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