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What are Ads Extension? And top reasons to use Ads Extension in Ads

Let’s start with beginning. When you put search query into Google, you have noticed some ads with more information that others. This displays due to Adwords Extensions. Basically, Ad Extensions gives you more ability or you can say more space to add more information about your ads. In this way, you can extend the length of your ads.

Top reasons to use Ads Extension in Ads

1. Improved CTR (Click Through Rate)
You can improve the CTR of your campaign by implementing Ad Extension as the same provide additional information to user/searcher; which will directly impact your CTR.
2. Better Visibility
Implementing Ads Extension can present your ads better as others. You can use review extension, sitelinks extensions, offer extensions, call extensions location extension to make your campaign ad attractive and compelling to others.
3. Relevant information to searchers
By implementing extensions such as review extension, site links extensions, offer extensions, location extension etc, you can provide right information at right time to searchers.
4. More Clicks
It has been observed that ad with extension receive more clicks than ads without extension.
5. No extra cost
Enabling the ad extension within ads is free of cost. No extra charge is required.

What are available Ads Extensions?
1. Call Extension
2. Sitelinks Extensions
3. Structured snippets
4. Callout Extensions
5. Location Extensions

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