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Top 5 Easy Steps to increase PPC leads

It’s a general behavior of human being I.e spend less and get more! We have helped our clients to increase leads through ppc and decreased their cost per acquisition(CPA). We have listed some of the best practices herewith for your knowledge.

1. Removing the Keywords that are under-performance
Keywords should analyzed with special care and remove the keywords that are nor performing well. As keywords within campaign are not performing actively; not converting visitors into customers. You can also extract fresh keywords that can improve the opportunity of the campaign.

2. Re-constructing Campaign
Based upon the performance of the campaign, we can organize the keywords into Ad Group or specific Ad Groups. By this approach, we can target the keywords in more effective way and gain maximum benefits. This will also helps to get improved quality score and lower CPC.

3. Adding Negative Keywords
It is recommend to add negative keywords in the campaign to avoid unwanted impression and clicks for the useless search query term. It is advisable to run search query term report in a month and analyze the report; check for the useless term that are nor related to your business. Try to add that terms(keywords) in negative keywords list.

4. Landing Page
Yes, this one most important and advisable to use related/closely related landing page in the ad text. This one helps to increased quality score. It will also helps to improved ROI as visitor looking for the information will find your page and will bounce back in case landing page is not relevant.

5. Setting-up Re-marketing campaign
You can also target your past clients, visitors using re-marketing. It is also one of the most campaign when you are targeting you old/past clients, visitors, visits with half conversion etc. re-marketing campaign’s clicks are comparative cheaper.

Being leading PPC Campaign Management Company in India, we can assist you to get improved numbers of leads/sales through ppc campaign. Contact us with requirement and ppc expert at our end will be assisting you shortly.

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