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Price Extensions – Exhibit services and range of products of your business

Google has announced one more extensions I.e Price Extension. Price Extension will be rolling out to Google AdWords account shortly. Feature of this extension is great; allows to showcase your services and products along with cost. The aim behind the price extensions is to drive quality clicks to the website/campaign.

How it will work?
Price extensions supports multiple rows, providing valuable information for your product and services. This will also helps in comparative shopping to your prospective customers before they click on your ad. Each row includes types of products or services of business; description of respective products; describing the products/services, price of respective products/services and landing page of that products/services.
So, this well structured way of highlighting the information; becomes easier to visitor to compare the products based upon available information; helps to get quality clicks (decision making).
Price extensions can be added at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

Does Price extension will work with other available ads extensions?
Price extension will work better with all extensions except site links extensions.

Supported Language
Price extension can only be created in English.

Where it will show?
It will only appear for mobile text ads; ranking at 1st position currently.

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