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Adwords Call Extension – Ideal for Local Businesses

Google Adwords Ads Extension I.e call extension displays your phone number directly into the search results. While using smart phone, a clickable “call button” is displayed, helping business owner to engage people on the go. Call extension is more valuable for those business; those are interested in receiving phone calls directly. However, this extension most ideal for local businesses.

Eligibility of Call Extension
Call Extension is eligible for search network only.

Look and feel of Call Extension













Top reason to use call extensions for your businesses:
1. For Searchers: click to call saves time and efforts
2. For Business Owner: Getting potential customers
3. Using Google forwarding number: you can count the calls as conversion
4. Helps to increase CTR(Click Through Rate)
5. No Extra cost

Best practices for Call Extension
1. It is recommended to not to use your Google forwarding number anywhere except Adwords
2. It is highly suggested to use call extension and location extension; in case you are local businesses.
3. Easy to examine the performance of the campaign; modify the campaign if not performing as required.
4. Helps in boosting performance.

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