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Google Adwords Location Extension – Encourage People To Visit Your Business Frequently

Google AdWords Extension “Location Extension” is one of the fantastic and reliable extension that you can use to display your business information, i.e., business address, phone number, business working hours and rating. This is really pretty powerful option; you can share adequate information about your business with AdText.

Benefits of using location extensions:
1. This extension encourages your potential client to visit your online store frequently.
2. It has been observed that 10% boost in CTR (click through rate) using location extensions.
3. You can target your ads based upon your business address location.
4. It is recommended to link your account into Google My Business to show multiple business address.

AdWords Location Extensions & Mobile Campaigns:
On mobile campaign, a clickable “call to action” is enabled that helps you to receive the maximum number of calls in real time as searchers get your number and can quickly connect with your company.

What type of info can show?
AdWords Location extension can show the following information:

  • Your business hours
  • Google reviews
  • Business Phone Numbers

Where my information may show?
Google Search Network, Google Search Network Partner Sites, Google Maps, and on mobile devices.

How to Monitor the Performance of the Location Extensions?
Followings are the steps to monitor the performance of location extensions are:

1. Sign in to AdWords Account
2. Click the campaign
3. Move to Ad Extensions tab
4. Click view: Location extensions
5. Check the output.

Location Extensions are additional fuel in your Internet marketing business, that not only drive more visitors to your site, but also earn real customers’ quickly as well. Being a professional PPC marketing company India, we are offering robust, reliable and professional solution for your business.

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