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Important Elements To Create Successful Google Adwords Campaign

Paid Ad is considered as a best tool for getting an instant and genuine traffic to your website. There are multiple search engines, offering paid advertising for instance Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so many B2B business websites. Let’s have a brief look about Google AdWords.

  1. Create Google AdWords Account: If you are already determined yourself to run PPC campaign, then you need to create account over Google AdWords. In order to create account over Google AdWords, you need to put some basic information like, currency, time zone, payment method – verifying payment channel etc,. Once your account is created, then you need to move the next level i.e, campaign creation.
  2. Campaign Type: You must select the sort of Campaign type carefully. As you noticed that most of the experts starting with “Search Network only” option, but this one is not ideal. Campaign type must be selected as per your business needs and requirements. Additionally, you can move on another sort of campaign type in future as per campaign performance and your further needs. Campaign name should be defined in this stage also.
  3. Geographical Location: Geographical location is an imperative part of solid AdWords campaign; as selecting wrong location may lead wrong visitor to your website; and ultimately your campaign deviate from its real objective. So, geographical location should be selected based upon your business service area, delivery facilities.
  4. Budget: Budget is one of the most crucial part of campaign, and should be entered with final calculations. The budget is the amount; you are willing to spend on daily/monthly basis. Wrong value in budget may loose your business. So, budget should be entered with special care.
  5. Compelling AdCopy: AdCopy is the text that will appear in Google SERPs and communicate with your visitors directly. So, it is recommended to create unique, business oriented Adcopy; including offers, special features if any.
  6. Target URL/Destination URL: Destination should be relevant to the AdCopy in order to achieve quality score, improved click through rate (CTR) and good user interaction. Using irrelevant destination URL may cause loss of money, and also impacts adversely on CTR.
  7. Keywords: Keywords refining and selection should be done with proper experiment; as the keyword has ability to trigger your AdCopy. Keywords should be selected based upon business verticals, search volume, bid amount etc.

These all the aforementioned steps are crucial to implement interactive and business oriented AdWords campaign. If you want to implement AdWords campaign for your business, you must hire a professional PPC management company in India having years of experience and innovative experts in this domain.

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