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Advertising On Facebook – A Step-By Step Guidelines

Facebook is a well known social media website, having a large number of user database and uncountable visits. It offers a unique opportunity for marketers to promote their business on the Facebook. Here, we are discussing about the Facebook Ads. Pay Per Click Advertising Services India has competitive knowledge of the paid advertising and its implementation.

Lets Start, Facebook ads can be broken into three elements:
1. Campaign over Facebook
2. Ad Sets
3. Ads

How to select appropriate Editor?
Facebook offers two types of editors; one is Ad Manager, and other one is Power Editor. Ad Manager best suits for the advertising companies whereas, Power editor is recommended for the large advertisers; those managing large number of campaigns or a variety of campaigns.

Choosing an Objective: Objective is an initial element for any sorts of campaign. Without selecting the proper objective, you can’t create a successful campaign; as it will fail. So, the Facebook Ads Manager is designed to cover all types of objective; that may fulfill your business need and requirements. You must select the most suitable objective for your campaign.

Followings are the list of objectives; you can choose for your campaign:

  • Send People to your website
  • Increase Conversions on your website
  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your page
  • Get installs of your app
  • Increase Engagement in your app
  • Reach People near your business
  • Raise Attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get video view

Audience Targeting: As you have selected the objective of the campaign; now you need to select audience. There are several targeting options available over Facebook and you need to select the best option that suits your business need and requirements. Targeting options over Facebook is covering all the options that you may looking for. For example: Location, Age, Gender, Life events, Parents, Work, Home, Interests etc.

Budget: Yes, this is one of the most important elements of the campaign. Budget is the amount that you want to spend on advertising. Facebook offers two types of budget. 1. Daily budget 2. Lifetime budget.

Daily Budget: If you want to run your campaign throughout the day; you can opt this option. Daily budget must be at-least 2 times multiplied by your CPC.

Lifetime Budget: This option is selected in case if you are looking to run your ad for a specified length of time.

We will cover the Ad Creation in the next topic in coming weeks. Please keep visiting the blog section of the website on a regular basis.

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