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Most Common Reasons For Adwords Account Failure

It has been observed that people gossip that my ppc campaign was not performing well and hence it was failure at my end. You can waste money a lot in case you are not professionals and having sound knowledge of PPC marketing. So, I am sharing my experience that might be reason for the campaign failure. These are:

1. It might be Goals had not been defined.
Goal should be defined within campaign as this will show you some data. You can analyze these data in order to examine the effectiveness of the account. In case, if you haven’t set the goal, you are doing something wrong.

2. Might be not using correct match types
If you are not using the modifiers like +, “”, [], then there might be an issue. You should analyze the performance of the keywords and must use keyword modifiers like broad match, modified broad match, phrase match and exact wherever required.

3. Bidding on wrong keywords
It is recommended that keywords should be extracted carefully, as bidding on wrong keywords may distract your account thus account objective. You will also loose money when bidding on wrong keywords.

4. Landing page relevancy
It is always suggested to use relevant landing page for the campaign as using irrelevant landing page for the campaign; visitor may bounce back to other website and hence resulting loss of money. Using proper landing page will help in improved quality score as well as CTR.

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