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Top Things To Take Care while Creating Relevant Landing Page For Campaign

One of the most important elements of PPC ad campaign is landing page. The landing page should be relevant associated with the paid campaign. The main reason to have relevant landing page as this one is the first point of contact with your brand, services etc. So, it is recommended to have impressive landing page that delivers great experience.

There are so many ways to create or optimize both your landing page experience and PPC ads by making them more relevant to each other. Here are some of the practices to get you started.

Keep ad copy text straight forward with your ad and landing page

The landing page should have proper message & information regarding your ad text. All the required information should available over the landing page. It has been observed that relevant landing page receives more CTR as un-relevant landing page may cause high bounce rate.

It is also advisable to use call to action as well over the landing page. Call to action terms like buy now, contact us now, sign-up newsletter, try it now and so on.

Use original and engaging content over each landing pages

It is recommended to implement unique and relevant content over each and every landing pages. It has been observed that visitors don’t like to view the similar content over every page and returned back from the website without doing any action. Content should be used is such manner that it must engage visitors. To engage visitors content should be used in friendly tone. Use bullets, numbers and images over the website to get more engagement.

Use trust signals

Trust signals are always found on some of the most effective landing pages. It is always recommended to incorporate trust signals on both your PPC ads and landing page.

It is advisable to add contact information over the landing pages. As hiding contact information from potential customers can come off as untrustworthy. Apart from the contact information, reviews, ratings, testimonials from previous or existing customers should also include over the landing page in order to get visitor trust.

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