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Things to consider while promoting your Amazon listings for sales

Amazon is one the largest marketplace in the world and everyone wants to list their products over Amazon. As per study, it has been observed that people start searching products over Amazon more often than Google. So, we are going to discuss the points that need to take care while optimizing and promoting the products over Amazon.

  1. Analyzing the competitor products
    In general, it is always advisable to do analysis before doing any things. In same way, you need to analyze the competitor store and products and look for the scope of improvements or what you can offer apart from your competitors. You must go through their client reviews, feedback or Questions & Answer. Apart from the same, analyze their products and check for the update frequency. When they are updating products? Offers if any? Image update? Etc. In short, these points will help you to analyze the competitor store/products.
  2. Optimize your product listings
    Product listings optimization is another one important parts over Amazon. Think minutely over Title, Description, Bullets, pictures etc.

    • Title: Title should be unique and clearly describing the products.
    • Description: Description of the products. Repeat key selling points.
    • Bullets Points: Describe key points here for the products.
    • Picture: Picture of the products should be clear and high resolutions. Picture should not be distracted while zooming in/out.
  3. Reviews
    Yes, Reviews are king over Amazon. So, it is advisable to encourage your clients to leave feedback/reviews for your products. You should focus to get reviews from your clients.

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