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5 Elements of Pillar Pages: Essential to Drive Massive Traffic

The magic of pillar pages always enchants the target audience and yields the expected results. The reason? Strategically created content grasps readers’ attention, while brands, on the other side, earn more and more traffic because of the same. But why and how are pillar pages so effective?

To comprehend the concept, first, you’ve to understand what exactly a pillar page is. Though the term has gained popularity in recent years, it isn’t new. In particular, a pillar page enlightens the reader with in-depth knowledge of a topic, almost covering everything in a single blog post. But is that all that makes pillar pages so powerful? No! The secret sauce to the recipe is content clusters, sometimes called topic clusters, that directly relate to articles and blog posts—subsequently, interlinking the elements of the topic to long-form content that tackles concepts, questions, and subtopics.

To create a powerful pillar page, you’ve to include some elements that are shared below.

  • Primary topic definition

Always define the topic that you’ve planned to cover straightforwardly that’s easy to understand. Not only does this give an idea to readers, but it also helps to earn a spot in Google’s featured snippets section.

  • Primary keyword

Focussing the content of a pillar page around one keyword is crucial. Not just this, you must include the primary keyword in the title, subheaders, URL, meta description, and at least two or more times throughout the content body.

  • Internal links

Interlinking is essential. Make sure to link high-performing blogs and articles at relevant places. If possible, keep the consistency, and add links throughout the body piece. These links must redirect readers to pages that provide in-depth information about the addressed topic.

  • External links

Though not necessary, external links to trustworthy sources are very beneficial. This boosts your credibility ( to search engines and people, both) and helps in validating your claims. For best results, always hyperlink the content to the statistics that you’ve mentioned.

  • Overview of the primary topic

A powerful pillar page provides the readers with a comprehensive and logical overview of the content topic. But it’s important not to dive too deep. Any overly written overview will only lose readers’ interest and ultimately affects the number of clicks on linked pages. Therefore, to keep them engaged further, make sure not to get in-depth.

Though pillar pages seem a mere SEO concept, it’s a powerful tool to improve not only SEO results but content experience as well. To drive more leads, you must connect with a renowned SEO Company in India. Without wasting time, get in touch with us right away.

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