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An introduction over benefits of Google Shopping campaign

Google Shopping campaings or Product Listing Ads (PLA) are most important for ecommerce website or retailer. You can promote your online inventory using Google Shopping to boost quality traffic to your website or store. This results into quality leads.

How to get started Google Shopping campaign?

First of all, you will have to create account over Google merchant and upload your product (feed) file. After that link the Google merchant account with Google adwords. In the mean time, verify the feed file status. Fix the errors if any. At last, create Google Shopping campaign over Google Adwords.

Where Google Shopping ads appear?

  • Google Shopping (in select countries)
  • Google Search, next to search results and separate from text ads
  • Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube and Image Search in some countries (if your campaign is set to include search partners)

What is the benefits of Google Shopping campaign?

Find the benefits of Google shopping campaign as below:

  1. Increased Traffic: It has been observed that Google shopping campaign receives more clicks in comparision with text ads. This results into hight clickthrough rate(CTR).
  2. Mature leads: You can improve the quality of leads by using product detailed information directly in ads. This helps shoppers to take informed purchase decisions.
  3. Maximum Presence: It may be possible that Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time, if relevant. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.
  4. Powerful Reporting: You can generate report to have detailed information for your running campaign.

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