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Get More Organic Traffic from SEO Image Optimization

SEO is essential for any business irrespective of its size and complexity.

An attractive website and high-quality content are not the only parameters to drive high organic traffic.

Image SEO is the most important area to focus on if you are competing in the organic search results. But most business owners ignore image SEO!

The human brain retains visual information for a longer period so images are important when you are communicating with your target audience.

Customers are more likely to remember your brand if your content, posts or advertisements present eye-catching visual data.

If your business website deals with travel, media, e-commerce, and food then having high-quality, optimized images are necessary and contemporary to make your website search engine-friendly.

How to optimize images in your content?

Below are some tips to make the search engine treat your image content as a rich result

  • Pay attention to pixel size, decrease file size to improve the page loading speed
  • Never compromise on image quality
  • JPEGs ensure the best quality for the smallest file size
  • Opt for PNGs for decorative images because of their small file size
  • GIFs are best for thumbnails and decorative images only
  • Save file name with the powerful and descriptive keyword
  • ALT Tags are compulsory to rank a page faster
  • Optimize image title with a call to action
  • Attractive image caption will add to user experience
  • Using unique and responsive images will give you more SEO power
  • Add a catchy image description
  • Add XML Sitemaps to boost user accessibility

Follow the above image SEO tactics to help users find the relevant information and navigate through your site smoothly. There is stiff competition in the SEO world so make sure to use the right tools and techniques to stand out from the competition.

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