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How to Run a Marketing Campaign with Google Ads?

A successful digital marketing campaign is never complete without PPC advertising. If you are new to Google ads then you should probably understand the fact that it is simply a medium or a platform that allows users to:

  • Advertise products including services in different places geographically.
  • Use different campaign types including Google search, maps, YouTube, etc.
  • Choose from a variety of formats to publish their ads.

With a class of its own, Google today is undoubtedly the most preferred search engine with every 9 out of 10 people using it over their mobile phones. Its unmatched quality in terms of innovation and usability makes it a quintessential platform to reach out to your target audience. Though, one of the key factors that could make or break your campaign is the correct selection of keywords.

When you are starting a new campaign, it is important that you experiment with all campaign types. This is to help you get an accumulative idea about your audience and the kind of advertisements that would really work in future. If you stick to just a single campaign type then you could be competing with brands that have been doing it for ages and for keywords that are way too competitive. Run all your ad campaigns step by step with HitsValue because this is what many experts across PPC Company in India would be doing in the year 2020.

What is equally important is your budget, which would certainly be influenced by multiple factors especially at a time of massive economic constraints. You can start with a bare minimum to begin with and it can actually be achieved though keeping a lower number of products/keywords in the campaign. The idea is to first understand your audience and what they are looking for. This would ultimately help you place the right ad in the right place and would finally get you winning hearts!

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