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How eCommerce brands can take advantage of the new Google Ads formats and get an edge over competitors

Google Ads can work best for businesses of any shape and size. It does not matter if you have just launched your product or you have been there in the industry for some time, Google Ads can have impeccable benefits for the eCommerce domain. The Ads have been subjected to various updates in terms of added features and new formats.

This guide helps you walk through all the features of Google ads and how you can use them to your advantage. For a successful ad campaign, you must be aware of all the campaign types and the ad formats to know which one suits your business best. A dedicated eCommerce SEO services company in India can help you a lot in doing so. Also, by successful it means every business has different goals, so watch out for that while selecting your ads.

Incorporate a new update and get an edge with your competitors ready to take your market position. Take a look at new features rolled out by Google in 2021:-

  • Product shopping ads

Shopping ads are your best friend if you are an eCommerce business. You can use them to feature your product details, titles, offers, and product pricing. Your details will be available immediately under relevant search. Do you want to move products quickly? Highlight discounts, coupons, and offers as that never hurt. The new features are you can now use videos as a smart shopping strategy and it can be available on YouTube. What is the best update? It is the new customer Acquisition for all those businesses who want to have their brand in front of new customers.

  • Showcase shopping ads

In showcase shopping ads you can showcase a group of your products in one ad and not just focus on a single product. The new feature introduced by Google is the retailers will have their tabs that come under Google shopping and all the products are showcased in a carousel format. Google gives the eCommerce business all the tools to promote their brand.

  • Responsive ads

Responsive ads are those that can be adjusted in the available spaces. What is the new feature? You can now be able to add a countdown to your ads. For a sense of urgency, these ads can be created. This urgency tells your customers to buy the product now before it is too late. A lot of customers fall for this and even it attracts those customers who were not planning for purchase, but they don’t like to miss on a sale.

  • Text ads

The text ads are those texts that are available at the bottom or top of Google search. The new update in-text ad is you can add a third headline and a second description note with an expanded

limit of characters. This description is a short note about your website and gives your customers a new insight into your business.

Wrapping up

Google never fails to surprise and benefit eCommerce businesses in terms of exposure and visibility. Use the new updates available as it can completely get you a new outcome in your business results. Hiring HitsValye , a PPC company in India can help.

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