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Most Common SEO Pitfalls For Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are being designed and developed frequently these days. eCommerce websites should be optimized very well in order to get result from online world. eCommerce websites optimization is different than optimizing the normal website/ online blog/magazine etc. So, it is recommended investing in SEO before, after, during the website development.
Here we are discussing about the most common SEO pitfalls for the eCommerce website that may distract the performance.

  1. Product description text
    Many websites use the text directly as provided by the manufacturer. This one is not good idea. As the manufacturer share this content to many business owners to publish their product. You need to modify the content that looks like unique and fresh. This will make you different from others. This unique content will help you in SEO performance.
  2. Finding 404 errors and fix errors
    It is important to quickly find out all 404 errors for your eCommerce website and try to get them fix at earliest to have successful online store. you can use seo tools to find out SEO errors. Alternatively, you can set-up account over GWT (Google Webmaster account) and check for errors.
  3. You should look for following errors and get them fixed.
    • 404 /Broken links
    • Duplicate Title, description tags.
    • 302 redirections
  4. Avoiding keyword research
    Avoid keyword research will cost much as you will never achieve the desired objective. It is important to research keywords for your ecommerce store and get them optimized in form of title, description, heading tag, website content for better result.

Consult with technical SEO from beginning
You should consultant seo professional from start to have successful online store. You can hire experienced seo technical person at SEO Company India to get your website optimized.

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